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Bolt Launches Driver Engagement Centre In Nairobi

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Bolt, has launched a driver engagement centre in efforts to enhance its driver relations and address drivers expectations in terms of handling their concerns.

The driver engagement centre is located in the Westlands area, and will be accessed on an appointment basis to ensure seamless and effective management of driver issues.


The launch of the engagement centre enhances the provision of a range of benefits, including improved driver support, effective communication channels, training opportunities, community building, issue resolution, driver appreciation, and positive branding.

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“Bolt is committed to ensuring that the needs of our driver partners are addressed and resolved in an effective and timely manner. The launch of this centre is a testament that we are strongly committed to enhancing our driver welfare and engagement, which will ultimately contribute to the success and growth of our business and the ride-hailing industry at large. We shall continue to collaboratively work with all our key stakeholders so as to continue offering affordable, safe and convenient ride-hailing services in Kenya; and creating entrepreneurial opportunities that enable more people to earn a sustainable living.”

said Linda Ndungu, Country Manager, Rides.


In 2022, Bolt launched its regional hub in Nairobi that provides an opportunity for the business to run its operations in a more integrated and cohesive manner across the region.

The regional hub hosts the company’s top leadership overseeing operations across Africa including; Regional Director for Rides across Africa and Middle East, Regional Marketing Manager for Africa, Senior Head of Public Policy for Africa and Legal Director for Africa.

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Bolt continues to constantly work on the holistic driver experience, and to provide the support they need to be successful in their businesses. The company remains committed to listen, analyse and innovate its services to the benefit of its drivers and passengers.

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