Bolt Reaffirms Uninterrupted Operations, Long Term Commitment In Kenya

Corporate News

Bolt has reaffirmed its commitment to the Kenyan market in response to the ongoing conversations on the mobility products, firm’s licence renewal.


Adherence to Kenyan regulations remains a top priority as it is foundational to building a long-term sustainable business that positively contributes to all stakeholders in the ecosystem. We remain open to collaborative dialogue with our regulator, driver partners and the wider public to continually ensure full compliance with regulation and expand income generation within our platform.


During its tenure of over seven years in the market, Bolt has actively sought input from both government as well as driver partners, to ensure that it remains within the guidelines provided by the government.


As such, Bolt currently has a valid licence and is fully operational. As part of the ongoing annual licence renewal process, it will continue to work closely with the regulator for a fruitful result.


Last year, in fulfilment of the licensing requirements, Bolt was issued with a Transport Network Company licence, effective 28th October 2022 and has been fully compliant with the stipulated regulation to cap its commission rate at 18% for drivers using its application.


To ensure efficiency on its platform and the continued innovation and enhancement of its technological features, Bolt charges a fixed percentage booking fee that is paid by the passenger.


Significant milestones coming in 2024 for the Bolt business in Kenya include a planned investment of 100 million euros in the market to further increase its footprint across the country by expanding its services into more cities and town centres.


Bolt also recently launched its Driver Engagement Center in efforts to enhance its driver relations and address issues faced by drivers in their daily operations. The driver engagement centre is located at 6th floor, Delta Chambers in the Westlands area and is accessed on an appointment basis to ensure seamless and effective management of driver issues.


‘We continue to provide additional support through our Driver App as well as via our online platforms. Over and above the existing features on our Driver App, we continue to meet with our driver community and driver groups from time to time and are also constantly working on the holistic driver experience, to provide the support they need to be successful in their businesses.


Ultimately, Bolt remains confident that the firm will continue to provide affordable and convenient services for passengers across the country whilst simultaneously providing earning opportunities to many Kenyans.

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