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Bolt Rolls Out ‘Driver Selfie Check’ Security Feature

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Leading on-demand platform in Africa, Bolt, has  rolled out a driver selfie check feature on its platform in efforts to enhance safety and also prevent driver impersonation and account sharing.

The feature entails requesting drivers to take selfies when they come online, in order to verify their identity and ensure that the details provided in the app corresponds with the shared photos.

This feature will help to maintain the overall safety of users on the platform.

Bolt has over the years introduced additional features on its platform to enhance the safety and well-being of drivers,boda boda riders, and passengers during a Bolt trip.

The driver selfie check, as an added feature, provides enhanced safety for users on the Bolt platform as it allows the verification of the drivers to avoid cases of impersonation and also deter drivers from sharing their accounts.

Once a driver goes online, they will be prompted to take a selfie to verify their identity. Should the selfie not match previously shared driver details, the driver will be restricted from offering their services on the platform until their details are verified.


“The safety of riders and drivers on our platform remains of utmost priority. This is why Bolt continues to innovate and provide superior safety features. Our mission revolves around offering affordable, quality and safe services and through this new driver selfie check feature, we aim to offer a safe rider mobility experience to all users on our platform. The new feature will discourage driver impersonation and continue to strengthen our mobility service by enhancing the safety of riders.”

said Linda Ndungu, Bolt Country Manager.


The Bolt app also has other safety features including:


  • Driver and car verification feature on the app that allows riders to check and confirm that the driver and car that picks them, is the same as the one displayed on the app. 

  • The driver trip-sharing feature provides enhanced safety for drivers by allowing them to share the status of their live trips with a third party, who then has the opportunity to follow the trip status and location in real-time. The trips are also tracked and monitored in real-time by Bolt throughout the journey. 

  • Share ETA feature on the riders app that enables them to share their live trip details with emergency contact numbers, thereby bolstering safety throughout their journey.

  • SOS emergency button that can be used to alert and seek security or medical assistance at any time during a Bolt trip, where a driver, a passenger, or another road user is in immediate danger. 

  • Rider and driver rating score features that also allows drivers and riders to rate each other after every trip. The feature monitors behaviour as rated by either the drivers or the riders, and allows Bolt to warn and/or block anyone with unacceptable behaviour. The ratings are taken into careful consideration and Bolt addresses situations where those ratings are significantly low, or an incident is reported.

Bolt also has a women-only category that seeks to address safety needs and improve women’s mobility options.

The women-only category enables female passengers to request rides from female drivers, while at the same time, expanding Bolt’s ride options.

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The category further aims to enhance the safety and security of women who use Bolt’s platform, whether they are drivers or passengers.


Bolt continues to constantly look to promote features and functionalities that improve the safety ecosystem of the app, by innovating and investing in providing the best experience for its users.

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