LG Moves To Cut Customer’s Cost Of Ownership, Trains System Integrators

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LG Electronics East Africa has announced new Business to Business (B2B) measures and innovations aimed at improving service offerings to customers and improving the operations expenditure for businesses.


The measure includes training and acquisition of new talents, collaboration with more system integrators, improving customer experience and introduction of complete solutions to businesses.


Giving his remarks during the inaugural LG Electronics System Integrators Conference held recently in Nairobi, LG Electronics Managing Director Sa Nyoung Kim said,

“As technical experts, we are committed to providing business Information Display (ID) products and commercial electronic products that help businesses perform better and reduce the total cost of ownership. To support this, we have developed unique and state-of-the-art Business products including medical displays, cloud devices, TVs, monitors and projectors. Besides, we offer a wide range of ID products for different vertical markets such as the hospitality industry, retail, corporate, and education among others”.


During the conference, about 50 local system integrators were trained on how to implement the new measures and install the new LG information Display solutions.


In his remarks, LG East Africa Assistant Manager on B2B Information Display Nelson Mugarura said,

“Our interest is how the solution is offered to the end customer. The training is aimed at ensuring that when a solution is integrated at the end customer it is properly delivered and everyone is happy”.


For the hospitality industry, for instance, LG is offering Commercial TV applications including LG hardware and software in the commercial space such as Procentric Direct and Procentric Cloud for IPTV delivery. Procentric Cloud improves the usability of the enterprise’s CMS solution and cloudification of the system, reinforcing the service of 3rd party solutions. It also offers various design templates, improving data collection and analytics platforms with an eye-catching dashboard.


On the other hand, Procentric Direct is an easy and simple management solution for hotel content which creates a memorable experience for clients. Specifically, with this feature the Netflix App can be activated by anyone with Pro: Centric Direct as long as they have the Netflix Membership.


“From a B2B Perspective, we at LG listen to the consumer needs carefully before we start planning or designing our new technology and solutions. When we produce a hardware product, we also ensure we produce the right software solutions to give the full package to the end customer which would reflect the operation and Investment aspect”

LG Electronics MEA Regional head of Hospitality Ahmed Ramzy said,

“ Incorporating customer feedback allows us to have the right product for the right market and right customer which reflect the total cost of ownership to the right customer and at the same time delivers the latest technology to the customer” Ramzy said.


On customer experience, LG has established B2B management offices with an open-door policy where customers can walk in anytime for inquiries besides offering long-term after-sale support.

“From these offices, we collect customer feedback which helps us to design future solutions that help our customers to grow their businesses not just to help us sell solutions and devices,”

Ramzy said.


Moving forward, LG’s value proposition for the different industries is providing a complete solution where other third-party solutions cannot.

LG Electronics Regional Head of Hospitality/B2B ID Department MEA Region Ahmed Ramzy makes his keynote presentation during the inaugural LG Electronics East Africa System Integrator Conference held in Nairobi, Kenya. The Conference sought to train and acquire new talents, collaborate with more system integrators, improve customer experience and reduce customer operating expenditure. PHOTO/COURTESY


Unlike in the past where solutions had to be integrated into bits and pieces, LG now allows the market to have a 100 per cent solution that could be a fully advanced IP Infrastructure or a basic entry-level solution that can be scaled anytime.