LG Managing Director For East Africa Mr. Dong Wong Lee explains why Simpler, Stylish Home Appliances Deliver More Value To Customers. PHOTO/COURTESY

Simpler, Stylish Home Appliances Deliver More Value To Customers

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With the rapid pace of digital innovation, it is inevitable that the gadgets we use in our homes will be more sophisticated with each upgrade.


While this has many benefits for the consumer, for instance, enhanced efficiency, it could also mean appliances will be more difficult to use especially for those not conversant with the latest technology. Hence the need for simpler devices but without compromising on functionality and beauty.


This is one reason why advanced consumer electronics manufacturers are embracing less complicated designs for home equipment but at the same time ensuring these meet the functional and aesthetic expectations of users. Indeed, emerging trends reveal that more consumers prefer home accessories that are easier to use but are stylish and perform the expected functions.


There are ways to make gadgets less complicated without sacrificing other attributes desired by the user like the ability to deliver on basic tasks efficiently. First, the manufacturer can adopt a minimalist approach to product design, which entails eliminating superfluous features.


Also known as the art of less, this method focuses on the core purpose of an appliance, bringing out the essential elements devoid of unnecessary embellishments.


This back-to-basics approach also involves going a step further to design appliances that are very simple to use without the need for complex human interventions. For example, you want your television screen to go on without pressing too many buttons. In other words, the user interface with the appliance must be as effortless as possible, with an elegantly clear control process.


Not to forget that nowadays, consumers are craving for that exquisite elegance in everyday appliances – televisions, refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, name it – to match their taste. The ultimate goal of product design should be to deliver memorable experiences for the user in order to instill a powerful connection to the brand.


The second way to simplify gadgets is through advanced, intuitive digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) and a host of other digital innovations that have revolutionized the way we interact with machines. Here you will find devices that, for instance, analyze data to make your daily routine more manageable and enjoyable.


AI-powered home appliances are transforming how we live, from enhancing productivity to improving safety at home. Take the case of a refrigerator that alerts you when your groceries are about to get finished, a television that selects your favorite programs as you commute home from work, or a smart home security system that can detect unusual movements around your home while you are away.


Appliances that are so perfectly synchronized with every facet of the user’s daily routine ensure that they do not have to keep fussing over daily chores like cooking, shopping, washing, cleaning and other chores. The device is equipped with the ability to “keep learning” and adjusting to different demands, hence the term “smart devices.”


Such revolutionary appliances are also embedded with innovative software that allows users to add new features to suit their lifestyles. The fact that you can upgrade certain features to the apparatus means you do not have to worry about the product becoming obsolete too soon.


The good news is that home appliances featuring all these innovations are affordable and you and your family can enjoy those unforgettable experiences without breaking the bank.

Something else to note is that reducing the number of components in minimalist design appliances also reduces the resources and energy required to manufacture them, hence promoting sustainability, in particular Sustainable Development Goal no. 12 on responsible consumption and production.


As a leading consumer electronics brand, LG is at the forefront of creating user-friendly but beautiful home appliances that consume less water and energy in  the factory and at home, thus conserving the environment, and above all, delivering more value to the customer.

The Writer, Mr. Lee is LG Regional Managing Director for East Africa


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