The LG Multi V i HVAC loaded with Artificial Intelligence features.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Personalized Comfort with LG Air Conditioners

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems continue to develop and have become an integral part of our world improving the way we live while adapting to our individual preferences. LG’s AI  technology is today improving the world by developing air conditioners to the stage where they can recognize human activities and understand specific health and moods for more precise control and optimal conditions thus customizing and personalizing the air conditioners for a personal touch and preference.


In the past, humans learned how to use devices and machines, the rise and rise of AI is ushering in an era where machines are learning about people and with its fast growth, soon machines will literally take over the daily routines of many smart home device users. With AI learning functionality, LG AC devices are able to interpret their surroundings and analyze and determine ideal temperatures for an individual or a household.


In the modern world, people spend more than 90 percent of their days indoors. Air conditioning manages the temperature, humidity, airflow, air distribution, floating dust, odors, bacteria, and hazardous gas concentrations in the spaces we occupy. Accordingly, an AI-based air conditioner has sensors that help deliver clear airflow to indoor environments while managing comfortable temperatures and humidity levels.


Artificial intelligence has become so intelligent that the air conditioner learns your cooling preferences using artificial intelligence and modifies its settings accordingly. This way, and after learning your routine and pattern at different times of the day, AI will automatically adjust the air conditioner to a lower temperature or to a higher temperature if that is how you usually set it.


Also, to maintain a comfortable temperature across different rooms in the house, use an air conditioning system with flexible settings. Within the LG ThinQ™ app, you can remotely select and adjust your air conditioner’s settings from anywhere, anytime. The ThinQ™ app also helps you monitor energy usage and take advantage of smart functions, such as Energy Saving Mode.


LG ThinQ™ Smart Application

The LG ThinQ™ smart application is a mobile application that allows you to control and monitor the temperature in your home using a ThinQ™-compatible air conditioner. With this application, you can remotely adjust the temperature, fan speed, and other settings on your air conditioner from your smartphone or tablet.


Control from anywhere…

 Adjust your air conditioner from virtually anywhere with the ThinQ™ application. Once your air conditioner is connected, you can use the application to change the temperature in your home. You can also use smart scheduling to program the air conditioner to turn on or off at specific times based on your daily routine.


Voice control and smart integration

The LG ThinQ™ application can integrate with smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, enabling you to control the air conditioner using voice commands.


The LG Multi V i…

A cutting-edge integrated system, the LG Multi V i combines innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled performance that caters to the growing market demand for advanced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. LG has engineered the Multi V i to deliver intelligent climate control that adapts to specific needs but also reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint. Equipped with an advanced AI engine, the groundbreaking Multi V i offers a host of smart features designed to enhance indoor comfort and streamline management processes.


With the introduction of this latest state-of-the-art system, LG aims to set a new standard in quality and comfort for HVAC solutions where innovation meets eco-consciousness. Using AI to Achieve Maximum Comfort


AI technology plays a pivotal role in maintaining the optimal operation efficiency of HVAC systems. With various structural considerations, such as the numbers of windows and fluctuating temperatures at different times of the day, an effective solution must detect and adapt to these changes in real-time. Through its advanced AI algorithms and data analysis, the LG Multi V i intelligently responds to its environment to provide the best performance.


With features such as AI Smart Care, the system collects and analyses data on indoor temperature, humidity, and set temperature from each indoor unit. With this information, the Multi V i automatically adapts to the most appropriate settings.


Combined with the AI Indoor Space Care feature, the system further enhances temperature balance by identifying nearby indoor units based on a correlation coefficient, and establishing virtual groups that work in harmony to ensure cooperative operation. Utilising real-time data collection every 30 seconds, the system employs AI algorithms, including Q-Learning, to generate a correlation formula that help multiple units cohesively adjust to disperse thermal comfort in every corner of a building.


The Multi V i’s Weather Interlocking Control also leverages on AI technology to optimise HVAC performance based on real-time weather conditions. By integrating with AccuWeather, the system receives up-to-date weather information, enabling intelligent adjustments to indoor conditions, and providing comfort, regardless of external weather conditions.


AI Smart Up

The Multi V i’s AI engine powers a variety of smart features, such as Auto Tuning and Remote Upgrade, which help to improve convenience and the overall user experience. The Auto Tuning system automatically tunes the compressor and motor during initial installation or when they need replacing, allowing for faster and easier setup and servicing.


Meanwhile, with the Remote Upgrade system, LG’s VRF solution can be automatically updated to the latest software version without an on-site service visit. Furthermore, the Multi V I offers AI Smart Diagnosis, which provides automated system analysis and easy-to-read status reports to help reduce service times and boost reliability.


AI Smart Care

On energy saving, the MultiV has a sophisticated AI engine that enables AI Smart Care, which leverages spatial and situational learning to optimize operation; adjusting cooling or heating power according to several variables, including the number of people in the room, humidity levels, and indoor and outside ambient temperature.


This enables the product to improve energy savings by up to 24.7 percent.1 Meanwhile, AI Indoor Space Care helps maintain a steady temperature and reduce energy consumption by automatically turning on indoor units in occupied areas, and turning them off in unoccupied areas.

Ceiling Fan
LG Ceiling Fan with Smart ThinQ

Today we are living in a world we have never experienced before with a warming planet, carbon-based energy depletion and an increase in greenhouse gases, an Internet-based hyperconnected society, and intelligent machines based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and big data technologies powered by LG are reshaping our world and our lifestyles for the better.

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