Why Aren’t The Youth Investing In Real Estate?

Real Estate

Never before has there been a mutual understanding across generations on the importance of investments.

When it comes to real estate, the older generation has embraced it a little more, because they understand that buying and owning real estate is an investment strategy that is not only satisfying and lucrative, but also a security for their future generations. Recently, the youth have begun coming to this same realization.

But, this begs the question, why aren’t more youth investing in real estate?

There are a few things that have caused the youth to remain shy of real estate investments, these include;

Real estate is too expensive, Real estate is an investment option you think of as you get older, Real estate doesn’t have any immediate returns, Real estate is a hard investment since you can be so easily scammed.

Well, these myths aren’t without reason but let’s take some time to address them;

Real estate is too expensive…

While some real estate options can be expensive, there’ve been several advancements in the sector that now make real estate a more accessible investment for everyone; From banks and Sacco loans, to real estate agencies that offer flexible payment options, there are several financing modes that are available to cushion the financial load of real estate investments.

Real estate is an option for older generations.

Well, this is more of a perspective issue. In the past, owning real estate may have been seen as an investment that indicated you are getting geared up for retirement, but today real estate is an asset that is as important for the younger generation as it is for older generations.

This is especially true as the conversation of ‘securing your future’ gets more recognition among the younger generations. It’s become apparent that with the uncertainty of today’s world, the earlier you plan for your future, the more the chances of a ‘future-proof’ life. You just never know what tomorrow might bring, but you better be ready for it, and what better way than to have something to call your own that no one can take.

Real estate doesn’t have any immediate returns

Well, investments are known to be a long ball game, investing in Real estate isn’t meant to be an immediate return on investment, but you could set things up so that you can start getting some returns on it.

You could lease the property out, if it’s land, you could put up structures and rent them out etc. Remember, real estate is an asset that appreciates in value, that means your returns could possibly keep on increasing. Every investment is based upon the investor risk appetite, most investment scams have been founded on the promise of quick or immediate returns, exercise caution.

In Real Estate investments you can be easily scammed

The prominent ‘This property is not for sale’ signs might have something to do with this. There have indeed been rampant cases of scams involving real estate, but you are only susceptible to these scams if you do acquire real estate uninformed or without counsel. With the emergence of realtors and real estate agencies, your chances of getting scammed are greatly reduced and in

some cases at zero. It all boils down to doing your research and due diligence before making the investment decision.

With that being said you have some trusted partners you could work with such AMG Realtors, who have systems in place to address all factors stated above.

They have affordable land options, flexible payment options, relationships managers to help you throughout the process of making your purchase and they promise to have your title deed ready and delivered to you in just 60 days. They have the track record to back their talk as well. 

So are you a young person looking to get into real estate investment? Well, you should look into partnering with real estate companies such as AMG Realtors and go into this journey fully armed and backed by the right team.

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