Konvergenz Network Solutions in partnership with SailPoint Technologies is offering Financial Institutions in Kenya a Cyber Security Solution building on the Zero Trust approach focused on Identity Security and Identity Governance

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East African-based local technology firm Konvergenz Network Solutions, in partnership with Sailpoint technologies, a leader in the identity security solution market, are offering a cyber security program to financial institutions that will tackle the numerous cyber security threats and risk concerns majorly facing our financial & corporate environments through a zero trust security approach.


Zero trust is a security approach or philosophy that approaches IT security from perimeter-centric approach to identity-centric approach.


During the event, the audience were introduced to “Identity Security & Identity Governance”, solution from Sailpoint, made for the sophisticated security needs of today’s modern financial & large government enterprises, delivering an intelligent, autonomous identity foundation that securely fuels such institutions.


The solution enables enterprises to enforce the rule of least privilege with automated role management, permissions, and access policy logic, while granting the right amount of access for every single role hence preventing toxic access combinations that lead to fraud or theft of data.


Speaking to a consortium of professionals drawn from IT, Risk management & Human Resource executives from major banking, Telco & Insurance Companies, Founder & CEO of Konvergenz Network Solutions Mr. Abdullahi Sheikh noted that Zero Trust serves to enhance protection for enterprises IT ecosystems by ensuring that no user should automatically be trusted, whether operating inside or outside of an organization’s network, meaning that users can only gain access to resources once they’ve been fully authorized.


“Zero Trust is an essential part of cybersecurity and organizations around the world are moving quickly to put this critical framework in place. Therefore, Konvergenz through SailPoint identity security solution offering will help enterprises adopt a Zero Trust security model by giving them a 360° view of all user access, their entitlements, and attributes in real time, enabling them to make accurate decisions about who should have access to which resources and when. Additionally, as people join the company, leave, or change roles, access information is kept up-to-date continuously.”

Said Mr. Abdullahi Sheikh


The vitality of a Zero Trust security model relies on the integrity of user identity data and the effectiveness of access controls. The Zero Trust model is being considered globally as the most extensive approach to address cyber security challenges in the modern digital centric corporate environment.


“Zero trust is designed for the scale, velocity, and complexities of today’s hybrid enterprises so that they can confidently advance with emerging technologies and transformative risk management principles that can build more resilient security practices”.

Mr. Hans Robert of SailPoint Technologies added.


Konvergenz Network Solutions has built local expertise and capacity to enable large enterprise commence on their journey on Cyber Security with a Zero Trust approach in mind. Konvergenz continues to be a leader in championing Zero Trust approach in all cyber security investments.