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LG SolarDom Excels By Integrating Microwave Oven, Charcoal Grill, and Baking Oven Into a Single Design


Many of the houses that define modern living, particularly those in urban areas, are constrained by space, requiring owners to be efficient in laying out the different features and functionalities.


Kitchens, especially, tend to require dedicated attention in regards to selection of appliances. Some appliances tend to be bulky and setting up multiple pieces could limit the circulation area and ultimately the quality of the cooking experience.


It is such considerations for space management that make the LG SolarDom Microwave oven a well-thought-out addition to any modern kitchens. The LG SolarDom consolidates the functions of three appliances – microwave oven, grill and a baking oven – into one compact design.  


Fitted with a multi-heating system, this 38l microwave has all the functions that you need to cook healthier, tastier, and gourmet-standard food. Its 360° True Oven HeatingTM ensures even heat distribution for perfectly cooked dishes, eliminating hot spots.

This is as its Healthy Fry option facilitates the preparation of delicious fried favorites with up to 80% less fat compared to traditional frying techniques. The auto cook menus simplify cooking with pre-programmed settings for various dishes, supported by a sensor cook option that automatically adjusts cooking time and power for perfect results.


Look around the internet and you will see food lovers around the world preparing pizza, pilau, cakes, chicken hand pies and many other delicacies using the LG SolarDom, which has a true oven with a bottom grill.


A unique feature of the LG SolarDom microwave, and one that gives it further advantage over other brands, is the Charcoal Lighting Heater, which is 40 percent more economical than with a normal oven, as it allows the heat rays to penetrate through food just like when using a charcoal oven. Of course, it goes without saying that this is a much cleaner alternative than a charcoal oven, and, therefore, best-suited for urban homes.


Meanwhile, the LG SolarDom has been designed with consideration of the different types of utensils that may be used. It has a rounded stainless-steel cavity that accommodates varied shapes of utensils and is remarkably easy to clean. The rounded cavity also allows for the concentration of heating rays right where they are required. The drop-down door has also been designed to serve as an intermediate landing tray, where food can be placed to cool down after removal from the oven.


With its stylish build, the LG SolarDom microwave oven blends into multiple interior designs giving any kitchen that perfect look. It gets even better – as a stand-alone oven you can move the SolarDom to your preferred location, allowing you to barbecue, bake, fry or steam food on your balcony, lawn or garage unlike traditional ovens that are, by and large, affixed permanently to kitchen. Additionally, its LED control panel and display is futuristic, meaning that the appliance will remain in style for many years to come.


And when it comes to power consumption, the LG SolarDom uses smart inverter technology, which saves energy, while delivering precise temperature control for consistent results. This makes it an ideal option for off-grid setups, where energy management is core.

LG SolarDOM Oven


LG SolarDom Microwave Oven: Key features

  • 38L Convection microwave
  • 2300W Convection function 
  • 1650W Grill function 
  • 900W Microwave function 
  • Charcoal lighting heater
  • Bottom heating grill element with true 360-degree heating  
  • Stainless steel round cavity
  • Grill temperature control
  • Auto sensor cook
  • Steam cook
  • Healthy Fry
  • Smart LED display


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