Tumikia Mtoto Programme Beneficiaries Transition To Internships, Paid Work

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Following the graduation of the 100 DREAMS young women sponsored by the Family Group Foundation and the USAID Tumikia Mtoto project and which was implemented by World Vision Kenya, the trained and certified  plumbers, electricians and painters have transitioned to internships and acquired decently paid work in various construction sites.



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DREAMS has continuously linked beneficiaries to existing private-public-partnerships for a broader range of economic strengthening opportunities thereby empowering young women and reducing their risk of HIV infection. The USAID Tumikia Mtoto project’s DREAMS program which is an HIV prevention initiative.


The Ksh 30 million partnership was aimed at enhancing the employability, income, and livelihoods of the vulnerable young women within the DREAMS program, aged 18 to 24, from Nairobi and Kiambu Counties, while boosting their technical skill sets. Tracy Anyango is a beneficiary:

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Under the Foundation’s Shared Values Initiatives in construction, entrepreneurship, development, and business management services dubbed the Tufuzu Youth Entrepreneurship Development Project, the partnership provided the young adults with technical training and access to labor markets, financing, and linkages to other strategic partners.


To better prepare the trainees for the job market, the USAID Tumikia Mtoto programme also equipped all the graduates with state-of-the-art construction tool kits at no cost, which are usually an expensive investment for new professionals in the blue-collar economy. The programme equipped Veronica Sirima with the necessary skills applicable in the job market as she narrates;

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The tool kits equip the young graduates for the labor market and sets them apart as employees of choice for construction companies.

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